Strategy & Public Policy Experience

We have a unique track record of advising the highest levels of leaders in government and business on their most strategic challenges at the intersection of socio-economic development, sustainability, governance and finance.

National Vision & Reform Strategy

We have supported Heads of State and Heads of Government with the development and articulation of their vision and socio-economic reform agenda, including the design of robust outcome-based performance management frameworks for countries and cities to assess future performance against strategy.

Past experience includes:

  • Design and articulation of integrated national and city-level development strategies and reform roadmaps.

  • Design of national and city performance management frameworks, including KPI selection.

  • Independent evaluation of national transformation plans and progress against strategy.

Impact Investment

We have supported international organisations with their efforts to build and scale national impact investment ecosystems; and advised capital providers, market intermediaries and impact entrepreneurs on opportunities to mobilize capital aligned with ESG / impact investment principles.

Past experience includes:

  • Supporting the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment (GSG) with the development of a 'toolbox' to scale national impact economies.

  • Corporate strategy and market entry advice to an impact investment advisory services firm.

  • Strategy and market entry support to numerous tech start-ups developing solutions aligned to the UN SDGs.

Cluster Development & Investment Strategy

We have advised Ministers and Chief Executives of national investment promotion agencies (IPAs) on strategies to drive growth, economic diversification and job creation through business environment, investment attraction and cluster development initiatives.

Past experience includes:

  • Supporting a newly appointed CEO of a national development board with the refresh of the national FDI strategy and the organisational transformation of the agency and its international network of offices to align to the new strategy.

  • Development of cluster upgrading strategies for construction, engineering, housing, transport & logistics clusters. 

Strategic Infrastructure Development

We have advised national leaders on best-practice approaches for identifying, prioritizing, evaluating and bringing to market strategic national infrastructure projects. This includes the design of center of government processes and capabilities for overseeing national infrastructure procurement and delivery.

Past experience includes:

  • Support to a Minister for infrastructure development with the design of a national policy and implementation framework for delivery of a US$20 billion pipeline of strategic projects.

  • 'Buy side' PPP deal advisory experience on bids for landmark Australian infrastructure assets including Sydney International Airport. 

Sustainability & Food Security

We have advised national policymakers in arid and semi-arid regions on long-term food, energy and water security challenges and risk-mitigating policy responses. We have also advised corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe on issues of ESG/sustainability sourcing through their global supply chains as a source of competitive advantage.

Past experience includes:

  • Development of a national food security strategy and policy framework for a Middle East economy.

  • Pre-feasibility identification of water-efficient controlled indoor agriculture (vertical farming) solutions for an arid emerging market economy.

  • Analysis of 'green to gold' supply chain value creation opportunities for several leading global multinationals.

Education, Training & Labor
Market Reform

We have advised senior government policy makers on policy, regulatory and capability barriers across education, training and labor markets as they seek to better prepare citizens for the future of work by empowering them with the skills and mindset to succeed.

Past experience includes:

  • Supporting the development of a new national labor market strategy for a G20 economy.

  • Development of a standards-driven national vocational training framework for a country in transition to a market economy.

  • Advice on public sector reform measures to boost productivity and address skills and capability gaps.

Covid-19 Government Response

Throughout 2020 we have contributed to a Brookings Doha Center initiative to compare government policy and crisis management responses in the MENA region to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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