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Leadership Development Experience

We have supported national leaders, philanthropists, universities and non-for-profit organisations to deliver on their aspiration to identify, empower and inspire future generations of public leaders and movement builders for positive change.

New Global Leaders Initiative

While the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identify the world's critical challenges and lay out a set of aspirational goals and milestones to 2030, the key 'enabler' for success - effective public leadership - is conspicuously absent from the list of global priorities.

As the climate crisis and the covid-19 pandemic and its economic consequences compound on each other, calls for 'building back better' and a 'great reset' will be empty platitudes without a step-change in the quality of public leadership based on shared values and shared sacrifices. 

In our view, better public leadership is the missing 18th SDG.  It needs to be an urgent priority and one that catalyses cross-sector commitment if we are to have a fighting chance of achieving the goals set down in the SDGs and the Paris Climate Accord.

Based on over 20 years of leadership development experience around the world and leveraging the principles of adaptive leadership development by Prof. Ron Heifitz at the Harvard Kennedy School, Lyceum is seeking progressive sponsors and funders to work with us to address this global crisis of public leadership by launching a 'New Global Leaders' training platform.

Future Public Leaders Programs

We have partnered with national leaders, donors, foundations and universities to design and convene short-course professional development programs for emerging or aspiring public leaders, equipping them with the tools and confidence to drive positive social impact in, and for, their communities.

Past experience includes:

  • Designing a national leadership development program for the foundation of a former President of a Carribean nation.

  • Designing, launching and managing the Institute for Diversity in Civic Leadership (IDCL) program in Boston MA. in the United States that trained over 500 aspiring women and minority civil leaders.

  • Designing and supporting the launch of a world-first social venture fund approach for encouraging youth participation in democratic discussion and debate for the foundation of a Middle East Head of State. 

  • Designing and convening a cross-sector national leadership development program for a North African country in transition, involving over 260 emerging leaders from government, business and civil society.

Leadership Development Exp: Projects
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