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Leadership System Advisory

In addition to advising national public leaders on their most strategic policy challenges, we also have unique expertise in supporting leaders at the highest levels with the upgrading of the governance, executive office and center of government capabilities and systems on which they depend to make decisions and drive implementation across government.

Center of Government (CoG) Ecosystem Upgrading

We have supported Heads of State and Heads of Government with the review and upgrading of the center of government (COG) systems and capabilities, including Prime Minister's Offices, Head of State Offices, Council of Ministers Secretariats and National Policy / Security Councils.

Past experience includes:

  • Conducting COG diagnostic performance reviews.

  • Reviewing and advising on the restructuring of cabinet committee systems to achieve more effective use of Ministerial time and greater Ministerial alignment.

  • Designing and supporting the launch of a Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and a performance and capability upgrade for a Council of Ministers (Cabinet) Secretariat.

  • Governance and concept of operations design for a National Policy Council.

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Executive Office Capability Building

We have worked closely with a number of Heads of State, Heads of Government and Cabinet Ministers to upgrade the structure, teams and processes that support their day-to-day effectiveness in office. 

Past experience includes:

  • Design and launch support for the introduction of strategy, delivery and strategic communications capabilities to support national leaders.

  • Review and enhancement of scheduling and programming support.

  • Upgrading tools, templates and quality control protocols, including a Cabinet Handbook, to enhance the quality of briefing materials prepared for national leaders.

  • Training executive office staff on policy analysis and policy drafting skills and tradecraft.

Leadership System Exp: Projects
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