Addressing climate change. Responding to pandemics. Tackling inequality. Adjusting to new geo-political realities. None of today's global challenges can be addressed without better quality public leadership and more active citizenship.

Lyceum, is an advisory firm and catalyst for social impact initiatives focused on achieving sustainable prosperity through a new political economy at the intersection of government, business, civil society and financial markets. 


Our vision is a world in which the triangular relationship between people, planet and profit is turned on its head: from today's model of capitalism hobbled by the idea of externalities; to a world in which profit empowers the regenerative success of people and planet.  ​


The key to success lies in harnessing the combined power of active citizenship, effective public leadership systems, innovative circular economy solutions and scaleable impact capital. That's our mission at Lyceum.

Through our work advising and supporting public leaders, business executives and civil society organisations around the world for over 25 years, we know that transitioning economies and societies is perilously difficult. Vision is easy. Real progress is hard.

​We advise clients 'top-down' from national leaders and 'bottom-up' from civil society organisations and work with partners and experts in our global network to create sustainable, scalable solutions to complex public policy challenges that leverage both open innovation and impact investment.


Our Services


Leadership System Advisory

We provide strategic counsel to leaders in government on vision, strategy and governance challenges and advise them on upgrading the centre of government systems and capabilities on which they depend.

Strategy & Public
Policy Consulting

We develop timely, actionable insights and practical solutions to complex public policy issues for decision makers in government and business across a range of socio-economic, sustainability and governance challenges.

Social Impact Collaboratory

We identify public policy risks and complex social challenges and then bring together subject matter experts, social innovators and impact investors to identify, propose, co-design and scale innovative solutions to drive shared value creation.

Leadership Development Programs

We work with strategic partners, including donors and philanthropists, to design and deliver leadership development programs for inspiring the next generation of public leaders and equipping them with the  adaptive leadership skills to succeed.

Our Principals

Global, multidisciplinary and multicultural leadership experience

Tony Goldner


With a multi-disciplinary career spanning diplomacy, investment banking and strategy consulting, Tony advises a wide range of clients at the intersection of government, business and finance.

Tony has extensive experience providing discreet counsel to Heads of Government, Heads of State and their advisory teams on strategic policy challenges and national reform agendas to drive prosperity and security. He also advises national leaders on upgrading the Centre of Government decision support systems on which they rely. 

Tony also works closely with leaders across government, civil society and business to facilitate investment into strategic infrastructure sectors and architect and incubate social impact ventures.  

Tony is a former partner at Monitor Deloitte where he led the firm's centre of government advisory practice and was a founding member of Monitor's National Economic Development & Security Practice. Earlier in his career Tony worked in corporate finance with Deutsche Bank AG and was an Australian diplomat and foreign policy analyst focused on the East Asia and Indian Ocean regions.

Tony graduated with distinction as one of ten Littauer Fellows from the Master of Public Administration program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He also has a first class honours degree in economics from the University of Sydney and a second masters degree in diplomacy and statecraft from Monash University.

Giovanna Alvarez-Negretti


Giovanna is an experienced leader and executive of not-for-profit organisations with experience spanning the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Giovanna has also served as an advisor to national leaders on issues of civic engagement and developed and convened numerous public leadership training programs around the world, particularly for under-served communities, including women, minorities and indigenous groups.

Giovanna was Middle East Regional Director for the American Friends Services Committee, a Nobel prize wining peace-building organisation. Earlier in her career she founded and led Oiste, a Boston based advocacy organisation focused on Latino political rights and engagement, for over a decade. She created and led the Institute for Diversity in Civil Leadership (IDCL) program in Boston MA. and has also delivered civic leadership trainings programs for a number of European universities and international organisations.

Giovanna is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Magna Cum Laude from Emerson College. She is an Eisenhower Fellow and is the recipient of numerous leadership awards in the United States including the John F. Kennedy Award.


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